Is There Such Thing As A Good Roofing Shoe?

Wearing the appropriate footwear is a crucial step to do when cleaning or repairing roofs. Failure to do so might affect the quality of the roof and may even cause unwanted accidents, a reason why Orlando roof cleaning service providers recommend using the appropriate ones.

Orlando roof cleaning

Roofing Shoe: The Basics

Roofing shoes, as the name itself says, are footwear for those who walk on roofs to either fix, replace or examine them. These shoes are often abused, as they are used quite often on surfaces that are not much of a smooth one. Compared with ordinary boots, the materials used to make these boots are tougher and meant for wear and tear. This follows the reality that common boots will easily wear out if used in scenarios such as roof repairs due to the tar and other damages that it needs to endure in the process.

Footwear such as roofing shoes needs at least 6 inches of outsoles that also have a non-slip grip for any sort of material from which the roof is made of. The non-slip grip in the outsole will ensure that the wearer of the footwear is stable and firm on the “ground” on which he is standing.

Orlando roof cleaning professionals always keep things such as these in mind whenever in duty, making their performance and thus their service better.

Roofing Shoe: The Dangers

One of the common mistakes done by roof fixing personnel and even common people is that they use regular footwear for a roof job. This poses danger as the possibility of the person falling from or slipping in the roof is quite high. Another danger in this process is that people tend to improvise their own footwear for roofing jobs. This is also quite dangerous as the materials and the manner by which these materials are bound are not as reliable compared with those which are manufactured by professionals.

Materials which are commonly used for roof cleaning need to endure all the pressure and the heat impressed by the roof on the person wearing it.

Try These!

Given these considerations, a few of the most recommended roofer footwear includes:

1. Thorogood Men’s Lace to Toe Work Loggers  it has a very thick outsole and oil-polished outer skin, along with comfortable cushion for the wearer. It offers both functionality, durability, and comfort for the user of this roofer shoe.

It has a very thick outsole and oil-polished outer skin, along with comfortable cushion for the wearer. It offers both functionality, durability, and comfort for the user of this roofer shoe.

2. Timberland PRO Men’s Wedge Sole Six-inch Soft Toe Boot

This roofer shoe is flexible enough to fit any foot size with its lace-up feature, which is also partnered with superior upper leather and thick full welt construction for functionality and durability.

Both roofer footwears are available through online purchase and even in a few hardware stores.

With all these in mind, you can choose the most suitable roofing shoes for you no matter your purposes for climbing a high place.

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Best Footwear For Those Who Are Sitting At A Computer All Day

EON Energy UK provides public energy in the UK and it is also the largest power and gas company in the world. The company has been operating in the market since fifteen years and has reached great success in providing commercial and residential services. In order to know more about the services provided by the company, you can click here. You also have the option of dialing the customer service number of the company. There are support agents available from the company for providing personal assistance to customers.

EON Energy UK customer service department takes special care in solving major problems and in listening to the complaints of the clients. The advances made in technology and even due to the success that the company has gained over time, has made the customer services department of the company primarily important for consumers. It is only because of the large scale development and success of EON Energy UK that the EON Energy UK customer service representatives need to sit all day at their computers resolving the issues of the clients.

Conducting business by making phone calls, attending to the phone calls of the clients and sending faxes and emails has become regular activities for the EON Energy UK customer service representatives. They also need to take part in different video conferences without leaving their chairs. Company officials from EON Energy UK have come forward with the statement that they are well aware of the inherent problem that their employees might be facing due to this lifestyle. They further added that our bodies are designed for perpetual movement. If our bodies are not given the scope to move, it will struggle to remain healthy. It is only because of this reason that EON Energy UK recommends the use of orthotics to its customer service representatives.

EON Energy UK recommends custom orthotics for its officials working in the customer service department because orthotics help in ensuring the right positioning of all the bones present in the knees, ankles and feet. The ligaments and the muscles leading to the hops and the ones holding the bones of the legs are completely prevented from getting stretched. This further avoids all kinds of aggravation and injuries. Officials from the company further emphasised on the fact that foot orthotics are helpful in reducing muscular fatigue which is a common complaint with many of their customer service representatives.

The reduction in muscular fatigue would help in promoting enhanced and more efficient performance of the muscles. The customer support teams at EON Energy UK are active 24/7 and therefore foot orthotics can be the right show varieties for them. This is because foot orthotics help in increasing performance, strength and endurance abilities. Even the overweight customer support executives might benefit from the use of orthotics at work. Orthotics help in relieving additional stress of extra weight on the ligaments of the legs and the feet.

Officials from EON Energy UK have pointed out that the executives from EON Energy UK customer service department always complain of back pain, foot pain and knee pain. They further add that the use of orthotics can help in reducing foot pain, knee pain and back pain complaints in their representatives.

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Special Orthotics Created Specifically for Roofers


Special orthotics are basically show inserts specifically designed for relieving ankle and foot pain that is common with roof repair contractors. Angel Construction and Foundation Repair company has its employees use special orthotics that help in relieving pain by normalizing movements; offering a kind of cushioning to the feet and decreasing the weight bearing stress. There are different varieties of orthotics made using different types of materials. The contractors, who are into roof repair, also go for custom made orthotics in order to get the best pain relief. There are even over-the-counter orthotics and orthotics built of pre-made components available in the market.

Reasons behind Using Special Orthotics by Roof Repair Contractors

Roof repair contractors are prescribed special orthotics for a number of reasons. These contractors need to stand for a very long time when they take up the work of repairing a roof. Long hours of standing in one position or decreased movement of the foot can result in various deadly conditions. This is the main reason why companies like Angel Construction and Foundation Repair has its employees to purchase special shoes so that such conditions can be avoided. Some common foot problems that roof repair contractors can avoid by using special orthotics include:

  • Flat feet
  • Tendinitis
  • Foot deformities
  • High arched feet
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Heel pain or plantar fasciitis
  • Arthritis

The Right Way of Using Special Orthotics

Proper shoes are always a must for roof repair contractors. Special orthotics can effectively be used by roof repair contractors for supporting theirimg2 body and for offering comfort while they are engaged in their roof repair activities. Roof repair is a rigorous job and contractors or professionals in providing such services can benefit from special orthotics. Such contractors are required to spend a lot of time on their feet and orthotics can always benefit them as these have insoles. Orthotics serves varied functions and therefore the prices also differ depending on the function that they serve. However, contractors who are into roof repair services should ensure that they are well aware of the product that they are purchasing prior to buying special orthotics. They should take the time to go through the package for making sure that they are getting exactly what they need.

Custom Prescription Orthotics for Roof Repair Contractors

Angel Construction and Foundation Repair Company also encourages its employees to go for custom-made prescription orthotics. These are specifically designed shoes for comforting and supporting the feet of the roof repair contractors. These special shoes are crafted as per individual requirements. They match the contours of an individual’s foot precisely and are designed for the way an individual moves. However, they are only available on prescription from podiatrists. Podiatrists prescribe custom orthotics only after conducting complete evaluation of an individual’s ankle, feet and legs. This way the orthotic can easily accommodate an individual’s unique pathology and foot structure. These types of orthotics can treat different foot problems in a very simple manner. They help in improving foot functionality.

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The hemp plant which is known by many names most commonly referred to as marijuana , which has Hispanic origins, has been making the headlines all over the place, but this plant has been around for thousands of years and is found in nearly every country in the world. Learn more about the Cannabis Sativa plant.

The first recorded use of ganja was over 4700 years ago in China and in 2008 there was a Chinese tomb discovered with 789 grams of marijuana that was 2700 years old. The hemp plant is found all over the world with each country viewing and using this plant in many forms with varying laws. For example marijuana has been legal in the state of Alaska since 1975 for personal use while it has been legal in almost all lower study States the whole time it has been legal in Alaska leaving about a 40 year gap between Alaska and other United States to allow a weed shop like the Recreational Marijuana.

In the Netherlands there are dozens of public facilities where you can bring your recreational drugs to test to make sure they are safe, weed being one of them, while in India this plant is celebrated once a year with a festival and parade where all of the people including children drink a hemp shake. In North Korea Mary Jane is not classified as a drug whatsoever while Uruguay became the first country in the world in 2013 to make the growing selling and consumption of marijuana completely legal, almost the same legalization in the USA like the cannabis dispensary in Tacoma, WA.

This plant has many benefits and can be useful in so many ways, no wonder it has been used for thousands of years and across the globe. Although the hemp plant has been used for clothing, rope and paper, the flowering parts of the plant have an unknown number of medicinal uses, one being to kill cancer cells, counter act inflammation and is used for seizures in children just to name a few. There are more and more findings to support the reasons to why this plant should be accepted and used on an international scale.

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Importance of Protective Footwear While Landscape Grading


Landscaping involves creating an environment that pleases the eye, however most overlook this job requires precaution and risk taking. Construction landscape workers create beautiful landscapes, and they deserve the right to work in a safe environment; eliminating the chance of getting hurt while working on the job. The wearing of protective shoes is an important element in ensuring safety. OSHA recommends the use of protective shoes particularly for people working in the landscape industry. Having a good pair of boots can reduce pressure while in the field since landscapers spend an enormous amount of time on their feet.

We spoke with head supervisor Mike Taylor, over at a grading and excavation company out of Edmonton Canada and he expressed what protective footwear brands the company likes to see their guys wear.

Timberland Work Boots

This brand is the industries workhorse. Over time, the brand has added a steel toe option to offer extra protection. Also, note it has water resistant capability. This feature is important especially in places that have loose ground electricity wiring. One can work comfortable while not fearing incidence of being short circuited while in the field. It has been made comfortable especially for landscapers working in cold environments like Edmonton, Alberta; the boot contains 200 grams of insulation. Majority of the guys at Final Grade Edmonton prefer this particular boot.

John Deere Safety Boots

john-deere-steel-toe-protective-bootAnother solid safety boot for people working in the field. It has a 100% water proof capability making it unique compared to other types of safety boots since it contains an anti-bacterial infection, guard.  Most landscapers are prone to infection from bacteria making this boot a reliable choice.  They are very durable because they have a rubber outsole, which is also heat resistant. They have stainless steel laces and hooks that provide additional comfort and protection.

Brutus Work Boots

They are called Brutus because of their high quality. They have a pure grain leather that provides a high percent waterproof resistance. It is good for landscapers who find themselves in bad terrain. The boots have good insoles that provide comfort throughout the day. They are insulated which keeps the feet warm particularly in cold weather.

Generally when choosing a pair of construction safety boots to wear while landscaping, one should factor in the types of jobs that are going to be performed. The main point you should take away from this article is that when you have a job that lands you on your feet, be smart and protect your greatest assets!  Mike reminded us that the crew at Final Grade Edmonton has a very low foot-injury rate because they preach safety. It’s a good reminder to us all!

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Non-Slip Floors Reduce Foot Injuries

Laminate floors are beautiful when installed, making them a pleasure to have in the home. It must be noted that how well you enjoy your laminate floor is determined by how well you can maintain your flooring. The best maintenance for any floor is proper cleaning.

There are several reasons why you need to keep your laminate floors clean. Food stains spilled drinks, and pet droppings can make your floor very slippery. Wax-like residue left behind from cheap floor cleaners lead to accidental falls causing avoidable home accidents and sudden injuries like ankle sprains, head injury, fracture and broken nose.  It’s amazing how many complex foot fractures could have been evaded by properly maintaining the floor. Household injuries are to be expected from a typical home accident but can surely be dodged. This article will highlight tips from LamanatorPlus on the best way to clean Laminate floors.



To start, the best way to clean laminate floors is to use a dust mop to remove solid dirt like pet hair droppings, e.t.c. You may choose to use a dust mop or a vacuum cleaner. When cleaning a laminate floor, never use a traditional mop, it’s stiff brush can damage the floors’ surface. It is also best to use a microfiber mop.


After your done sweeping the floor, clean with a powerful cleaning solution. It’s recommended to purchase a synthetic cleaning solution produced by a reputable company like Lamanator Plus. I recommend a product like the Lamanator Plus Fresh Start Floor Cleaning Kit for this job. Mix the cleaning solution in warm water. Dip the sponge mop in a warm water solution, remove and wring it to ensure that it is mildly damp when you use it to clean the floor.



Give the laminate floor an in-depth mopping with the warm water solution. Clean the entire floor inch by inch starting from one end to the other. Make sure that you re-soak your mop in the warm water solution regularly during the process to make the cleaning more efficient.


When you are done cleaning with the solution, don’t just leave the floor moist. Use a clean and dry microfiber cloth to wipe the floor clean.

Following a procedure to ensure the best way to clean laminate floors produce a certain result, a clean and sparkling floor. This assures that your house is not only more beautiful but also safer for you and your family.

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