Importance of Protective Footwear While Landscape Grading


Landscaping involves creating an environment that pleases the eye, however most overlook this job requires precaution and risk taking. Construction landscape workers create beautiful landscapes, and they deserve the right to work in a safe environment; eliminating the chance of getting hurt while working on the job. The wearing of protective shoes is an important element in ensuring safety. OSHA recommends the use of protective shoes particularly for people working in the landscape industry. Having a good pair of boots can reduce pressure while in the field since landscapers spend an enormous amount of time on their feet.

We spoke with head supervisor Mike Taylor, over at a grading and excavation company out of Edmonton Canada and he expressed what protective footwear brands the company likes to see their guys wear.

Timberland Work Boots

This brand is the industries workhorse. Over time, the brand has added a steel toe option to offer extra protection. Also, note it has water resistant capability. This feature is important especially in places that have loose ground electricity wiring. One can work comfortable while not fearing incidence of being short circuited while in the field. It has been made comfortable especially for landscapers working in cold environments like Edmonton, Alberta; the boot contains 200 grams of insulation. Majority of the guys at Final Grade Edmonton prefer this particular boot.

John Deere Safety Boots

john-deere-steel-toe-protective-bootAnother solid safety boot for people working in the field. It has a 100% water proof capability making it unique compared to other types of safety boots since it contains an anti-bacterial infection, guard.  Most landscapers are prone to infection from bacteria making this boot a reliable choice.  They are very durable because they have a rubber outsole, which is also heat resistant. They have stainless steel laces and hooks that provide additional comfort and protection.

Brutus Work Boots

They are called Brutus because of their high quality. They have a pure grain leather that provides a high percent waterproof resistance. It is good for landscapers who find themselves in bad terrain. The boots have good insoles that provide comfort throughout the day. They are insulated which keeps the feet warm particularly in cold weather.

Generally when choosing a pair of construction safety boots to wear while landscaping, one should factor in the types of jobs that are going to be performed. The main point you should take away from this article is that when you have a job that lands you on your feet, be smart and protect your greatest assets!  Mike reminded us that the crew at Final Grade Edmonton has a very low foot-injury rate because they preach safety. It’s a good reminder to us all!

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